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We offer folding, inserting & sealing addressing, wafer sealing, stamping - metering - permit imprinting, sorting for bulk and first class mail, and delivery to the post office with our efficient mail processing.

Folding We offer standard and special application folds.
Inserting We provide machine and hand assembly of standard and oversized mail pieces, mailing tubes and boxed mailings.
Addressing We can address on envelopes, letters, newsletters, catalogs, boxes and polybags.
Personalization Name, copy, and images can be personalized to increase results.
Wafer Sealing Wafer seals are applied for additional postal discounts and for holding inserts into self mailers. 
Stamping/Metering/Permit Imprinting Postage can be applied in many ways based on your specific needs.
Data Preparation We can work with your data and standardize it to meet postal specification.
Postal Sortation We provide bulk and first class mail sortation for additional postal discounts, and we deliver to the post office.
Postal Regulation Specialists We know the rules, the regulations and the problem areas so we can help your mailing go smoothly.

Folding We can fold standard 8.5 X 11, 8.5 X 14 and 11 X 17 mail pieces. In addition, we have the capability to fold many unique pieces, and the possibility of hand folding as needed.
Inserting We can insert by machine for standard and oversized envelopes and we can insert by hand for mailing tubes and boxes or 3 dimensional mailings. In addition, we can insert pieces to self mailers. We can insert mailing packages that have matching components like an address on a letter, reply form and envelope.
Addressing We can address most anything you want to mail. Example: envelopes, letters, newsletters, catalogs, polybags, advertising specialties and boxes.
Wafer Sealing We can wafer seal or tab your mailing for a quality look (ie, a gold tab on the flap of the envelope) or for postal regulations to hold an insert in place or to make a self mailer eligible for a postal discount. We know how many tabs are needed and where they need to be placed. We can use clear or white tabs and we have tabs that are perforated so your reader can open your mail piece without it ripping.
Stamping/Metering/Permit Imprinting We can apply postage in many ways. We can machine apply a real “lick and stick” stamp. They make bulk mail look first class! We can meter your mail piece. This can give a hand processed look. Our permit number or yours can be printed on the mail piece. We can work with you to determine the best method.
Data Preparation Our software corrects your data to meet postal standards, adds a current zip + 4 and a bar code. All of this data preparation insures that your mailing meets postal standards, increases deliverability and reduces your postage cost. We can merge databases and eliminate duplicates. We can convert your data to upper case for the post office and still have the salutation read upper/lower case. We can update your mail list using the post offices NCOA(National Change Of Address) file. We can identify and notify you of non-mailable addresses. Click for more about Data Processing
Postal Sortation We can sort your mail, bulk or first class, in a way that will increase speed of delivery and reduce postal cost. Because of our quality standards and large volume of mail, when we deliver to the post office, your mail is usually processed quickly and with very few problems.
Postal Regulation Specialists We know the mail processing rules. We have mailed millions of pieces for hundreds of customers.
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Permits We can help you determine the appropriate class of mail for your outbound mail and therefore, the appropriate permit. We can help you determine if you need a return mail permit and what best meets your needs. You may be able to use our permit(s), saving you time and money.
Rates We can help you determine the appropriate class to use for your outbound mail and calculate the rate based on the many discount categories. We can help you decide if you want to pay return postage for your customer/donor and help you determine the rate.
Services We can explain, discuss the costs, benefits and weaknesses of various options like ancillary endorsements, addressing to “current occupant”, business reply mail, and more with our direct mail marketing.
Regulations We know the minimum and maximum weights, sizes and thicknesses for each rate. We know the quantities needed by classification. We know what is acceptable in piece design and layout. We know how the bar code works and where it must be placed. We know where the address is to be located, the size, direction and contrast to the background. This is our business. Planning with us can help you avoid problems.