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Mailing List & Data Processing


We can find a mailing list that matches your perfect prospect.

We can also process your in-house mailing list to clean it up, analyze it, find key segments and enhance its mail marketing value.

Mailing lists

Consumer, donor and business mailing lists compiled from public information sources, subscriber information and response data. Mailing list selections by geographic, demographic and psychographic - FREE MAILING LIST RESEARCH.

Data Processing

Eliminate Duplicates Save money on postage and production by eliminating duplicates.
Merge Files Merge 2, 3, or 10+ files to create one mailing list, reducing postage costs.
Profiling Identify specific characteristics of your customer/donor so you can find matching prospects.
Case Conversion Solve inconsistent data entry problems and improve the look of your letters and envelopes.
Genderization Give your names a Mr. or Ms. so the salutation looks personal.
NCOA Eliminate bad addresses or follow good customers with a national change of address update.
CASS Certification Meet the postal standards for CASS certification and reduce postage costs.
Postal Processing We can work with your data and standardize it to meet postal specification.

Mailing lists

Consumer data can be compiled from public information sources, subscriber information and response data. You can target your new lead generation mailings prospect based on very specific characteristics. You can select by geographic (block, carrier route, zip, county, state, etc), demographic (age, income, children, home ownership, etc) and psychographic (hunters, yuppies, etc, etc) information - FREE MAILING LIST RESEARCH.

Donors make the best prospective donors. Selecting by the category of the donation (ie health, political animal welfare human service, religious) can dramatically effect results. You can also select by amount of gift, the frequency of giving and how recently the gift was made.

Business mailing lists can be compiled from public information, trade publications and credit agencies like Dun and Bradstreet. You can select by geography, business type, and business size. Often names by title are available and sometimes e-mail addresses are available - FREE BUSINESS MAILING LIST RESEARCH.

Data Processing

Eliminate Duplicates We can eliminate duplicates on your database. This will save money on postage and production costs. This can help when you have 3 or 4 internal databases or when you rent prospect or donor lists and want to eliminate duplicates or delete your current customers from the prospect mailing list.
Merge Files We can merge files together. Sometimes clients have 2 or 3 internal databases that we can merge to save postage. Sometimes clients rent or trade for 2 or 3 prospect/donor files that need to be merged together. We have the technology and experience to help.
Profiling We can take your customer/donor database and match it to databases that have demographic and psychographic characteristics. Then we can analyze the information and find prospects who match the profile of your current customer/donor for new lead generation mailings.
Case Conversion We can convert case in your database so all outside addresses read upper case and letter addresses and salutations read upper lower case. This improves the look of your letters and envelopes.
Genderization We can genderize your data so names have a title of Mr. or Ms. This will make your salutation look personal.
NCOA We can update your database using the national change of address data of the U.S. Post Office. This will eliminate non-mailable addresses or allow you to get the new addresses of good customers.
CASS Certification We standardize your data using postal service authorized software to insure that you meet all postal standards and qualify for the best postal discounts.
Postal Processing Our software corrects your data to meet postal standards, adds a current zip plus 4 and a bar code. Our mail processing data preparation ensures that your mailing meets postal standards, increases deliverability and reduces your postage cost. Our mail processing can identify and notify you of non-mailable addresses.